Dr. Richard Ellison


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​​1.0 Introduction

​1.1 Overview

1.2 You Can Easily Have Both Happiness and a High Level of Success

1.3 Self-Motivation and Aptitude

1.4 Determining Your Natural Traits (or Talents)

1.5 Key Leadership Skills Required for Success

1.6 Complementing Your Weaknesses

1.7 The Special Importance of "Mentors" and "Career Role Models"

1.8 Executing a Plan to Achieve a High Level of Career Happiness and Success

1.9 5-Step Plan to Achieve a Higher Level of Happiness and Success in Your Existing Career

1.10 6-Step Execution Plan to Achieve a High Level of Happiness and Success for College and High School Students

1.11 5-Step Execution Plan to Achieve Happiness and Success in a New Career

1.12 Comparison with Other Careers and Success Related Books (Appendix A)

1.13 MAPP and MBTI Tests and "O*Net Online" (Appendix C)

1.0 Introduction