​​​1.0   Introduction Provides a summary of all Chapters and Appendices. Everyone should read it.

2.0   You Can Easily Have Both Happiness and Success​ Shows why Happiness and Success usually go together; defines success; and identifies lifetime incomes for various levels of success.
3.0   Self-Motivation and Aptitude Stresses the critical importance of self-motivation in a field you can be special at.
4.0   Importance of Natural Traits (Talents)  ​Stresses the importance of knowing and understanding your natural Traits (or talents)
5.0   Key Skills Required for a High Level of Success   ​Identifies and introduces key skills required for a high level of success.
6.0   Complementing Your Weaknesses Identifies alternative ways to complement your weaknesses.
7.0    The Special Importance of “Mentors” and “Career Role Models”   Introduces the very special importance of identifying “Mentors” and “Career Role Models” in shaping you approach to success.  
8.0   Executing a Plan to Achieve Career Happiness and Success  ​Introduces how to develop and execute a plan for success.
9.0   5-Step Execution Plan to Achieve a High-Level of Happiness and Success in Your Existing Career Provides a detailed path for anyone to achieve a higher level of success in their current career.
10.0   6-Step Execution Plan to Achieve a High Level of Career Happiness and Success for College & High School Students Provides a detailed path for high school and college students to select the best collage pathway to a career they can be very successful in. 
11.0   5-Step Execution Plan to Achieve a High Level of Happiness and Success in a New Career  Provides a Detailed path for changing your career to one with a high potential for happiness and succes

Appendix A.   Comparison of Successful Books with Similar Topics

​Compares this book with the most successful existing books on the topic of career happiness and success.
Appendix B.   Spreadsheets to be used in Chapters 9.0, 10.0 & 11.0​ Provides blank spreadsheets for use in achieving the Chapter 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 Pathways to success.
Appendix C.   MAPP and MBTI Tests and “O*Net Online”​ Provides an introduction to MAPP, MBTI and O*Net Online
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